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Here’s an update from all of us at Fieldwork.

We are facing special times right now. Being modern people in a modern society, we are used to looking ahead, constantly hunting for new adventures, new solutions. And to know what the future brings. 

The new everyday life we ​​are now going through is forcing us to stop for a minute, sit down and readjust. Because; right now it’s quiet. We have to take our time and listen carefully to each other. 

Most importantly: we must work together. Side by side. One team. What we can now achieve together is in fact inspiring.

We need to set well-defined goals, sharpen our senses, think again, and keep our heads up! We are in the times where creativity thrives. We’re in the times of new ideas and new ways. 

We may be isolated on our own, but we are engaged like never before

Roosevelt called it The New Deal. We call it time to Fieldwork. The work starts right here – in the field. 

We have put our creative heads to a boil, and have come up with a number of solutions we hope you will like! 


How can you get in touch with the people that matter the most?

We can help you gather them online! We have access to one of Oslo’s best production companies with studio facilities, green screen, video production and personnel. Need to stream a conference, panel, interview or create some important content, live or on demand?

We got you covered!


Looking for a way to engage and communicate with your brand audience?

Webinars give your brand the opportunity to teach both your internal teams and potential clients with real time conversations online.

We’re ready to help!


How can we help your
brand voice to be heard? 

We have both the facilities and experience in-house allowing you to not miss a beat in communicating with your audience! 

We hear you!

We are available, we are working and we hope to see you all very soon in person!

Posted on 18. March 2020 in Ukategorisert

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