Project Description


How do you pay homage to the Norwegian music videos in the best and most honorable way?


A panel of 4-5 music experts gathered to decide which were the top 10 Norwegian music videos of the past decade. The list was shared with the press in order to generate a discussion around the list and the quality of the Norwegian music video industry. In order to celebrate the winners and give the award some authority and sparkle, we hosted a party with a count-down from 10 to 1 – the big winner. Not too glam, but a genuine and comfortable celebration. All the artists that were nominated was invited to Google’s office in Oslo, mainly the music industry was represented. The winner? Karpe Diem – «Lett å være rebell i kjellerleiligheten din»!


The intimate and exclusive party was livestreamed at Dagbladet TV, and was a great success PR wise. The fact that it was so exclusive made people talk about it, and Google was impressed by how many people that showed up to celebrate the music and the music videos.

Project Details


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