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How do you gather 250 Yara leaders from all over the world and unite them, encouraging them to connect and make a unity?


Inspired by the feeling of fellowship and warmth you get when you sit around a bonfire and talk through the night, we created a ROUND stage at Scandic Fornebu! Why? Because when we really want to engage with each other, we often sit down in groups or in a circle so we can see each other. It gives a feeling of intimacy and fellowship. For dinner, we booked a «pirate ship» to take everyone over seas to VIPPA to have som drinks, food and loosen up. To activate and learn, we came up with a three part workshop with Specifique – experts on digital mix learning experiences. A version of this workshop was created so the leaders could bring it back to their office and their employees. To entertain we used an activation game inspired by Guitar Hero, an opportunity where everyone could join in and create something together. Last (but definitely not least) we had an installation/sculpture made – of a circle that could be seen differently from different approaches. From some point maybe abstract, but seen from another point of view as a whole. Even though you’re a part of a bigger company (and a big picture), every bit counts.


The round stage along with the installation and the workshops had the same message: to unite and connect. The art installation is now an adornment at Yara’s main office in Oslo and the 250 leaders brought the digital workshops back to their employees. Never before has the client and the attendees been more satisfied with the outcome of the summit. Yara is huge, but also a warm community of inspirational leaders. They see each other and the bigger picture.

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