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How to revile the brand new Wärtsilä 31 Engine in a memorable way for 200 selected guests, and at the same time engage 12.500 students and the public during Ocean Talent Camp in Oslo.

Together with Woltti Group we built an installation that combined a large pavilion tent and a high two level stage that surrounded the engine. This made it possible to launch and revile the engine during a closed evening event, and at the same time showcase the engine in an interesting way for students and the public for one whole week.

The launch was an exciting evening with a trip from Nor-shipping Exhibition to Rådhusplassen (town hall) in the center of Oslo. The launch was filled with live music performances, great food and beverage and the presentation of an efficiency Guinness World Record the engine had won.
When the engine was reviled guests could walk around and examine the engine that had never been seen before.

We created two contests with the theme ”Energy Efficiency”. During the Ocean Talent Camp week this activated and engaged all our guests and created curiosity towards the students.

The launch of the engine went great with our 200 selected guest showing much appreciation! This ended with a few engines being sold during the week as well. The Wärtsilä stand was visited by around 12.500 students and 7.500 public guests.

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