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Increase penetration for Findus’ frozen «ready to eat» products in Norway.
Also to change or influence the impression people have of frozen «fast food», as something that makes it easy for people to make and eat good and healthy food in a hectic every day life.

We created the concept «Tidstyven» / «Time thief».
The concept address to all the things in life that steals our time like TV watching, your kid’s soccer training, school, the gym and so on.
The concept came to life through a Food Truck tour «Tidstyven på frifot» / «Time thief on the run» where we gave out free hot food tasting plates.
A crew of three toured during a month and documented the whole tour on Findus’ Instagram with an «Instagram takeover».
At the same time we created an in-store activity that went on the same time as the Food Truck tour, with posters, stickers, discounts etc. in food marts all over Norway.
We also made an Adshel commercial that were played at metro stations, shopping malls and other crossing points in over 15 cities in Norway.
An Instagram competition ran during this month where people had to take a picture of one or more «time stealers» and post it on Instagram with #tidstyven and @findusnorge.

The message we wanted to communicate was that «it’s okay to have a hectic life full of time stealers. We don’t want to fix them for you, we want you to keep them and at the same time be able to make and eat good and healthy dinner for you and your family in under 15 minutes».

Over 5000 people got to taste the products from the Food Truck
Over 850 people participated in the Instagram competition
The @findusnorge following base on Instagram went from 3 to 469 followers!
2 Adshel commercials were played at over 400 screens in Norway where a total of 2.1million people pass/travel past.

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