Project Description


The premiere of the Netflix show RAGNAROK was the first premiere in Norway for a Norwegian original on Netflix! How does a Norwegian Netflix premiere look like? Well, (the boring answer is that) it’s pretty much the same as any other premiere: red carpet, lights, media, press wall, glam and sparkle followed by an amazing afterparty. That’s also what Netflix asked for. So – how did it turn out? 


WELCOME TO RAGNAROK! The end of the world – or where it all begins? We transformed Colosseum cinema to Jutul’s (spoiler: the antagonists of the show) home – or at least the feeling of entering it. The main auditorium was decorated with a spectacular project mapping in the roof (the iconic dome at Colosseum), produced by Shortcut Oslo. Every creative element was designed down to the tiniest detail matching the Ragnarok universe. The letters at the press wall was hand painted to look like real stone, and a 3,5 meters tall Runestone welcomed the guests. The afterparty (at Pakkhuset Oslo) was inspired by one of the scenes in the show, the high school prom! The drinks were customized with Ragnarok inspired drink names and ingredients and Blitzbox 360 slow motion video booth made sure the guests caught the highlights of the evening on camera.


Project Details


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