Project Description


Listen up! What is your knowledge about Multiple Sclerosis? Is it possible to gather, raise awareness and put our stigmas to the test together? We see you. Now let’s talk. 


Together with Merck and BCW we created a kick-off and launch for the campaign “PS vi har MS” at Sentralen in downtown Oslo. The campaign is made to raise awareness of Multiple Sclerosis by telling and sharing stories, listen and dare to ask questions. As the night went on, the crowd got even bigger and the warmth a little heavier. Four short movies shown on-screen told the stories of the families, colleagues, friends, those who suffered from the disease – and those who suffered the insecurity of not knowing much about it. After each movie there was a Q&A where the people involved answered the crowd’s questions, filled out the blanks and evened out the differences. Journalist and filmmaker Monica Csango took the lead and comedian Jonas Kinge – who is in fact also a doctor – diagnosed everybody sick with laughter. 


It was a party of 200 guests: families, colleagues, friends and doctors. The four short films can still be watched and streamed on their website and so they keep on telling and raising awareness all over the internet.

Project Details

Client: Merck/BWC

Tags: BCW

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