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How do we use an internal event over two days to activate the 4K´s: Kommunikasjon (Communication), Kultur (Culture), Kompetanse (Competency) & Kjærlighet (Love) and immerse 250 people into a cultural exploration that will propel the business, innovation and organizational development strategies of the future?


Together with KLP we created the concept of Kul Tur (Cool Tour) and delivered it in a combination of internal and external inspiration, co-creative workshops, celebration & recognition and outdoor large group teambuilding. Selected managers activated the 4K´s through strategically inspiring Pecha Kuchas and Pellegrino Riccardi. He won the hearts of everyone when he built up momentum for all 250 people to voluntarily and simultaneously send an SMS declaration of love to a special someone. A 4-round workshop at 27 randomly composed group tables of 8 persons was conducted on interactive table cloth gameboard with the challenge to distill personal values and aligning them with corporate values. In continuation a Cover Story Vision workshop-battle in pursuit of the most compelling future vision for KLP LIV Division. New internal cross-departmental awards were handed out in tone of sincere recognition amidst gala dinner. Day 2 gave life to joyful and engaging teambuilding activities on the small island of Furholmen. Also an app enabled for pre-engagement and posting of impressions & documentation during and post event.


The KLP LIV core values (the 4 K´s) were anchored in the organization. Important relationships, person to person as well as cross-departmental were developed. Positive and intense contribution in the culture workshop proved curiosity and engagement in the overall culture process in the division. According to management: Kul Tur was an important stepping stone for development of internal culture and the event delivers on short term goal.


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