Project Description


Grow your business, grow your network, grow your mind. That’s what the marketing program Facebook Grow is all about! The magazine with the same name (GROW) is aimed at business leaders and excecs. Where’s the best place for busy business people to stop by and have a quick read? Where they are – and often that happens to be the airport.


We partnered up with Seedlip and transformed SAS Silver & Gold Lounge at CPH Airport into Facebook Grow Bar. A bar is always a good place to stop by, sit down and consider your new, great business ideas along with a mocktail! A greenhouse (with greens of growth) was presented to attract peoples attention, and get them to grab a magazine on their way.


The goal? Hand out 2000 magazines over a 3,5 weeks period. Achieved! We got people talking, drinking (mocktails) and growing their mind, network and business. We reached the sweet spot between inspiration and action, shining a light on GROW Magazine, and the people that came by.

Project Details


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