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How to use the Specsavers annual Kick Off to introduce the new CEO in a inspiring and fun way & enhance his vision for the coming year. And at the same time communicate financial targets goal, learn GDPR best practices & implement and strengthen eye heath focus in marketing & in-store activity, emphasize empathy focused customer communication and ensure maximum partner engagement and high buy in to Specsavers overall strategy.
We challenged the initial brief and used co-creation workshops with the client.

The resulting concept and activities were different, brave and challenging, but still fit in with the companies values and vision. The participants “experience curve” started with pre-engagement via an App in front of the Kick Off and one of the keys to the success that helped us deliver on the clients objectives and goals was the high level of guest involvement and interaction. Traditional formats were tweaked to keep the energy up and people on the edge on their seats. Out with Powerpoint, in with Yoga. Home video starring the new CEO. Make GDPR fun by cocreating & choreographing a GDPR song & dance with employees LIVE at stage. New collection of glasses shown at a surprise catwalk with employees as models.

Increased nation market share of 7% and increase of overall sales since the kick off puts the annual turnover goal within reach. Specsavers Norway recently won 2nd place in the KPMG Customer Experience Excellence Analysis 2018 in categories of Empathy and Resolution and went on to be nominated as Best Retail Chain in Norway. Franchise stores have contributed with solid increases of self driven community based activities such as creating eye sight cafes, presentations for associations for the elderly and out on the street customer engagement. The event resulted in the highest number of participants in recent years and received excellent guest feedback.


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