Project Description


How do we gather 17 different companies for an afternoon of bonding and friendly competition? Easy, we help arrange a volleyball challenge! Another year, another (friendly and fun) fight in the sand!


We have helped Technoport arrange their volleyball challenges every year for more than 10 years (!) now. Each year we challenge ourselves to come up with something new, something that will surprise or even challenge the participants and the companies to aspire to new heights. We always think bold. What about a visit from the Norwegian volleyball star Christian Sørum? It’s first and foremost a social event, so the food and drinks are important, as well as the music from the DJ playing – and of course the great, big prize for the winners.


All in all we hosted 270 participants distributed by 20 teams from 17 different companies. It really was a blast. What’s in store for next year? Another match another challenge!

Project Details


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