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How do you – in 2019 – engage people, get their attention and spread the word about a new product on the market? British American Tobacco wanted to get close to their costumers and consumers and launch the new snus flavor Epok Wild Rouge. To make people talk about tobacco is hard, the rules are strict. The sales representative had to invite every guest, mostly retailers. Contacts, trust and bonding was key. How many would show up?


The party was themed pink; the food, the beverages and the surroundings at Gamle Museet was covered in wild rouge! A cocktail bar served the guests amazing drinks, the DJ duo Q&I got them dancy and jiggy, and the Norwegian popartist ARY got the night going. Playful (and innovative futuristic) activities such as a digital graffiti wall allowed the guests to release their inner artist, and a magician made the guests wild with awe.


And as the dust settled: Gamle Museet was filled with 250 guests! The turnout was extremely satisfying, and showed BAT’s effort with connecting with the clients and consumers of the brand. It’s the very first time BAT had a launching party of this sort in Norway. Now they are planning to do the same in Denmark and Sweden.

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