Project Description


How to arrange a memorable launch of the new Tesla Model S P85D in Norway and showcase the cars new features in the best possible way. Give press from all over Europe and 500 Tesla owners the ultimate Tesla experience.

We created “Dual Motor Kick-Off”, a 4-day launch that was held at Exporama Hellerudsletta. A large test-drive course, specifically designed for Tesla Model S P85D, was built outside. We divided the launch in to separate happenings – one day for media only and three days for Tesla owners, with one evening event and two days of test-driving.

The “Media Day” started of with a tech-conference held by Tesla specialists. Here they got to learn more about the cars technical features, followed by test-driving on the course, but also around the area on roads with traffic.

The «Owners Event» was an exciting night with music, food and drinks, speeches from the Tesla management and all guests got to see an exhibition of the new Model S P85D. 5 lucky guests also got the keys to their new car handed to them from the stage and drove home in a brand new Tesla. Everyone got to sit in on a ride with a professional Tesla driver and also drive the car themselves on the test-drive course.

In addition to all the personally invited Tesla owners, the launch of the new P85D attracted a lot of press. With numerous articles and television reports about the launch, both in national and international media, the car got a lot of media coverage and excellent reviews from the start.

Project Details


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