Project Description


Scoot responsibly! Did you know you signed a contract when downloading the apps for using el-scooters? Few people know, but you actually signed you won’t drink and ride. A big problem: people don’t really care.


We created an event to show and tell people how alcohol affects your scooter driving. Outside of Østbanehallen, Circ set up a tent with a scooter test course, similar to bile test with stopping, maneuvering around cones and keep within the lines. The idea was as simple and fun as it was important: people got encouraged to try the course once and then one more time wearing beer goggles which immediately gives you the feeling of BAC of 1,5 with reduced vision, reaction time and slow reflexes. This to make people understand how their driving are affected by alcohol. Those who completed the course got to spin the CIRC-wheel and win free minutes on Circ scooters. 


ITEO and Circ are now planning to do the same in Copenhagen and Stockholm. The shift, Teknisk Ukeblad, the Norwegian broadcasting company NRK and television channel TV2 (amongst many more) covered the event. All in all it was a huge success, and hopefully it also was an eye-opener for the users.

Project Details


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