Project Description


After a huge user data leak was revealed at Facebook, the users was concerned. How much do you share of your personal data, and how can you stay safe? Facebook wanted to let you know that they care. It’s not their Facebook, it’s your Facebook. They wanted to increase knowledge of how their products and services build meaningful connections between people and reiterate their commitment to safety and security – their overall mission.


As we wanted the highest footfall number and reach out to as many as possible, we created our own venue at Youngstorget, Oslo: The Dome. We invited people in to listen to different speakers with presentations about security online, misinformation and source criticism, youth and digital safety on Facebook, freedom of speech, FB’s role in the media industry finishing off with a panel debate. We called it a «Silent Conference» as everyone had to put on headsets to listen to the speakers without being interrupted by city noise. We installed a photo booth and a VR-experience (Oculus).


This was the first open Facebook event in Norway and attracted consumers, key opinion leaders, media, GSO clients and policy makers.

Project Details


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