Project Description


If you want to save money on specs, Specsavers got you. But what if they want to make you feel stylish and make sure you look good as well? In May 2019 Specsavers launched their new eyewear line in collaboration with Marc Jacobs and Kenzo. That called for a celebration.


We present DARE TO BE YOU, Specsavers first exclusive brand launch! Set to location at Møllergata 6 in downtown Oslo, presented as a pre launch party. In advance the guests got an invitation asking them to choose between different categories such as: «Black is the new black», «Challenge me» or «Game on». When arriving at the party each guest got their unique rubber band given what kind of category they had chosen. Arrows in different colors showed the way as a map on a special designed journey to your own unique style. Each category had its own color, which led you to the next step and then finally to your destination: your personal style, accompanied by a stand with experts to guide you through different brands of eyewear to fit your style. And of course, no fashion event without a catwalk, featuring the employees themselves. The Norwegian music group LØV made the atmosphere groovy before a private DJ made sure people danced on through the night.


In retroSPECS: if you want to save money AND look good: Specsavers got you. The launch showed positive response from those who attended, making them get to know a little more about Specsavers and what they have to offer. There’s often more to it than what you see by first glance!

Project Details

Client: Specsavers


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