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Say hello to this happy jawbreaker! With a smile as long as a quarantine, our new Technical Producer, Joakim Årsvold sure knows how to make every second count – or at least tries to, he’s a real time optimist. Born and raised at a farm at Solastranden, Stavanger (another one at the office with the annoying guttural R – when will it ever stop), he grew up as a highly energetic boy wanting to be a farmer! 

As a boy with a tremendous amount of energy growing up, the only thing that could make him sit still, was his mother’s homemade pastry.

Joakim started his career as a lightning technician for different bands and events. He joined his first tour when he was in secondary school!

When he’s not working, he loves playing the drums, eating his mother’s homemade pastry (of course) and drinking coffee. 

Marie gets inspired by people showing great engagement and commitment for their work. It might be the same reason she dreams about visiting Machu Picchu before she drops dead: «The Incan citadel in the Andes Mountains is crazy impressive!» She likes concrete and constructive feedback – that’s how she learn the best.

According to her boyfriend, Marie resembles a sloth. Not by looks, but by behaviour. She LOVES to sleep.

Marie is hard working and creative, with an eye for detail. By the sea in southern Norway, she finds absolute peace, watching the sailboats and listening to the sea waves.

If you’ve ever wondered what it is like to be in Rikard’s head, imagine an internet browser with 2973 tabs open – at all times. Rikard has a pair of headphones as an extension of his face; that’s his creative mind in his bubble, and it’s blasting hard metal. This music genre requires a lot of discipline – and that’s a quality you’ll find in Rikard as well.

Let’s not forget Rikard’s inappropriate jokes and sense of humour, because an awesome sense of dark humour is like a pair of legs, not everyone has it.

His lunch reflects his persona: adventurous, curious and super creative.

Crikey (don’t know what that means? Me neither, it’s as Aussie as our newcomer)!

Hailing from Sydney, crafted in London and now revelling in new adventures in Oslo. He loves tea, basketball, culture, design and creativity. Skills: can pronounce KANELBOLLE with perfect Rogaland accent. Joy: to help clients move their business forward with strategic and creative thinking.

David is caring and curious, and the kind of person that manages to see every single person in the room – and at the same time make them feel comfortable.

He’s a creative, a thinker, a doer, a strategist and silo breaking misfit.

G’day Straya (still don’t know).

Maria really makes you smile. Not just because she makes you coffee in the morning, but because she oozes of joy and confidence.

Besides from weighing her coffee to perfection, Maria loves good food, wine and makes world class homemade pizza! She is at her happiest when in good company, having meaningful and long conversations.

Maria is hard working, caring, positive, thoughtful – and a lot of fun. If it’s your birthday, she’ll probably show up with a full costume that reminds her of you, while relaxing on her flamingo swim ring wearing sunglasses like a total boss.

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